Sitting with Strangers

21/10/2016 Main
Sitting with Strangers 

Welcome back folks.  Today I wanted to share with you an intriguing story of an incredibly thought-provoking artist by the name of Marina Abramovic and her unusual relationship with eccentric German artist, Ulay, after an incredibly moving display at Abramic’s live art show back in 2010.   I came across the video of this on my iPhone as it had been submitted to youTube and immediately went viral.  Within a very short space of time it received much acclaim, as well as sparking a wave of good energy throughout the social media world.  As so much of the media today is laced with negativity, anger and attempted division, I thought it would be fitting to share with you something that is of the very opposite nature.    Read more

Artistic Inspiration

30/04/2016 Main
Artistic Inspiration

Hey there folks! Welcome back for another informative blog post. Today I am going to touch on sources of inspiration for your art. Whether you are a painter, a writer or musician, you are going to need a dose of inspiration to realise your artistic goals. Fortunately, inspiration can be found everywhere around us in our daily lives. We just need to open our minds to the possibilities and things that are right under our noses but we routinely overlook. A few good ideas for great sources of inspiration include looking at the people around us, on the street, in the office and even in the supermarket. People watching is fascinating and can lead to kinds of artistic lightbulb moments. Sometimes just looking off into space, the sky or horizon can help conjure creative ideas and thoughts, as can flicking through old magazines or rooting through a draw full of junk. Whatever works for you. Find your thing and stick with it. I personally find going for a run in my local park unleashes a flurry of inspirational ideas and I come back with my head packed full of possibilities! Maybe this could work for you too? Anyway folks, that is enough from me for this post. I hope you have enjoyed reading my ideas and thought processes. I find it really helps me to formulate my ideas when I share them with you here on the blog. Be sure to write in and tell me what your favourite sources of artistic inspiration are. Bye for now folks! Read more

Purchasing A Used iPhone

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Purchasing A Used iPhone Read more

Coffee Grinders

15/03/2016 Main

Hi guys, thanks for coming back to the blog again. It is so useful having one place where I can learn all about new technology and electronics as well as discuss ideas and interests. So with this in mind I thought I would move a little left field and talk about something different. So my other passion in life is Coffee! I don’t just mean drinking a few cups a day and getting the shakes if I don’t have one but I mean a real coffee geek. Any new coffee innovation or trend that happens I am their following it and testing it out. Read more

Creating my Home Theatre Experience

23/02/2016 Main

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. My latest project is setting up a home theatre experience at home in our spare room. I want to make a nice cosy environment where me, my friends and my family can go and watch movies, our favourite shows and play some computer games. I’ve already got the room looking cosy but I’m now in the process of assembling the theatre experience. I bought a nice 4K JVC projector towards the end of last year so I’ve got the viewing side of it well and truly sorted. I’ve got a decent PC that I can connect with HD although I’m not sure how much use it makes of the projectors 4K capabilities. The PC gives me a means of playing movies and watching stuff from the internet that I’m either streaming or have downloaded. I also have a Sony PlayStation for gaming. Really, the only thing that’s probably missing now from the setup is decent sound. Read more

My Android is Retro!

18/02/2016 Main

I recently did something that has caused a huge stir amongst my friends and now everyone wants to hang out at my place.  I turned my old android phone into a retro games console. “How”, I hear you ask? Simple really.  Just follow these instructions and you can do it too. Read more

Apple Innovations

15/01/2016 Main

Hello again, thanks for reading the blog so far and getting involved with your comments. I’ve enjoyed writing the blog so far and has been a really interesting experience. I’ve found out lots of new cool stuff through my research so it’s a great way of learning and sharing knowledge. Read more

My favourite looking Tablets coming this Year

02/01/2016 Main

Welcome back to my Electronics Blog. We’ve covered a few areas now with UHD screens, iPod Touches, cheap Smartphones, Smartwatches and even POS Cash Registers. I thought I’d move onto Tablets next a give a quick rundown of two or three of the best looking ones coming this year or rumoured at least. Read more

Smart Cash Registers

07/12/2015 Main

Smart Cash Registers Read more

UHD will blow your mind!

01/12/2015 Main

UHD will blow your mind! Read more

iPod Touch

27/11/2015 Main

With the way that smartphones have been changing over the past few years, you wouldn’t be stupid if you though that there really isn’t any need for a separate music device now, like the iPod. Phone manufacturers now produce phones with big memories and very fast processors, enough so that they can be your music player, phone and camera all in one, without the need to carry all three around. So why do Apple keep bothering with the iPod Touch? Why? Because they sold over 100,00,000 of them! Which makes them the most popular incarnation of the iconic iPod. Read more

Budget Smartphones

26/11/2015 Main

Ok so we all have smartphones now and it is getting the norm for the older generations and children to own one too. So what are the options for the people that don’t care too much about the smartphone, they just want some basic features and usability. Here are a few select phones that are all under $250, with some being way under, so if you’re looking for a gift for a parent or grandparent, then take a look at these phones. Read more


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We are lately seeing the rise of the ‘smartwatch’ and today I thought I would give you an idea about what to look for in 2016, or even Christmas this year. Smartwatches are much like smartphones in the fact that they are supposedly designed to make our lives easier. They were born I think from the fitness watches and they have just evolved from there. They seem like a bit of a gimmick these days but I think in the future they will become an integral part of our lives. Read more



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Hello fellow tech and electronics geeks. If you like stuff that is powered electronically then chances are that you will like my new blog. Hopefully anyway. I’ll be posting stuff that I find interesting and important. I’ll be back shortly with the first proper entry.