Apple Innovations

Hello again, thanks for reading the blog so far and getting involved with your comments. I’ve enjoyed writing the blog so far and has been a really interesting experience. I’ve found out lots of new cool stuff through my research so it’s a great way of learning and sharing knowledge.

Apple’s History in Brief

As I mentioned in the last post, we’ve covered quite a few subjects now surrounding Electronics. Although we touched on the iPod Touch, we haven’t really discussed too much else about Apple so I thought we’d have a look at some of their innovations. I recently watched the Steve Jobs movie starring Michael Fassbender. A lot of the critics slated it as the chronology of the events was not portrayed correctly and a lot of the scenes had people present that wouldn’t have actually been there. After I read this, I was a bit disappointed but all said and done, I actually really enjoyed the movie. Anyway, that got me looking into Apple’s history. It’s not been all plain sailing and there’s been a lot of flops along the way since they were founded back in 1976.

Life before the iPod

The first real hit for Apple was the Apple 2 which came a year after the original Apple. Over the next 20 years there wasn’t really anything that matched its success and there was a period in-between where Steve Jobs actually went and did his own thing before returning in the 90’s. It was his return that was the catalyst for the Apple iMac in 1998. This was a revelation and returned Apple to the top of the pile. It was a monitor with a built-in computer, something never before seen. A few years later then along came the iPod. For a lot of people, this was the first real time they took notice of Apple again as not everyone would have bought into the iMac with Microsoft also offering Windows for customizable PC’s. The iPod took the world by storm, everybody seemed to own one. Over the coming years they’d release a Mini version, an even smaller Nano version and of course, the video playing iPod Touch.


In 2007, Apple released their first iPhone and again, it was a huge hit, riding the wave that the iPod had created over so many years. Unfortunately for the iPod, smartphones like the original Apple, meant there was less need for a portable MP3 or MP4 player as your phone could now do it instead. Over the years since, phones have got better and better. Originally Apple had the upper-hand over Android based smartphones due to available content but that’s no longer the case. The competition is fierce these days and Apple aren’t having it all their own way. Have a look at iPhone for sale if you’re interested in buying any of the older models, it might just be to reminisce or something. I’ve seen second-hand original iPhones on there and the original iPod. You can buy for hardly anything these days. You could put them on your mantel piece as old works of Art.


If we’re talking about innovations then the iPad that arrived in 2010 must be one of their best and again, really set the trend. There is healthy competition there from other major manufacturers but unlike the iPhone, they still seem to be producing the best Tablets available. Remember when the Retina display came out? There was a real buzz and the screen looked like nothing we’d ever seen before. There were a lot of people who converted for that very reason. The fact that you are best using Apple products together means that if you buy an IPhone, you’re probably going to buy an IPad. None Apple lovers may criticise them for this very reason but they knew what they were doing.


Good times for Apple

So the last 20 years roughly have been a lot better than the first 20 with consistently competitive devices being released year on year. The latest iMac’s and Mac Books are amazing technology and they don’t suffer from the same glitches as Windows based PC’s. Like them or loathe them, you can’t really argue about the build quality or performance. 

To finish off then, I wanted to look ahead and see what Apple have up their sleeve next. Now with the iPhone, there’s only been relatively small improvements with each model but these improvements have definitely given visible results. Although some feel that Apple has had its day and the iPhone 7 won’t be that much of a hit, Apple are working in the wings to prove them wrong and could become the first phone manufacturer to use OLED technology in their displays. According to reports, iPhone manufacturer Foxconn  are going to invest $4 billion into switching from LED to OLED either in 2016 or 2017. It looks like Apple will continue to fight it out at the top of the market for a few more years yet.