Budget Smartphones

Ok so we all have smartphones now and it is getting the norm for the older generations and children to own one too. So what are the options for the people that don’t care too much about the smartphone, they just want some basic features and usability. Here are a few select phones that are all under $250, with some being way under, so if you’re looking for a gift for a parent or grandparent, then take a look at these phones.


The cheapest phone on this list is the Microsoft Lumia 435. It will cost you less than $100, way less in fact and it will become a Windows 10 phone next year. You simply will not find a better phone for anywhere near that price.


The Ulefone BeTouch is a brilliant handset for under $250. It has dual-SIM capability and will also give you 4G. The HD is very good for the price and you won’t find a better deal in the price range. The fingerprint scanner even works well!


Samsung have a very nice budget handset with the Galaxy Core Prime (sounds a bit like a Transformer) but it doesn’t quite live up to the Smart Prime 6, which is cheaper and has better features. The camera is not the best also.


I think the finest budget phone out there has to be the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6.  For around $160 you get very good hardware and a phone that runs very smoothly indeed. Nice cameras and great HD mean that it doesn’t feel too much like a budget phone, and certainly won’t to people that haven’t used many smartphones.