Coffee Grinders

Hi guys, thanks for coming back to the blog again. It is so useful having one place where I can learn all about new technology and electronics as well as discuss ideas and interests. So with this in mind I thought I would move a little left field and talk about something different. So my other passion in life is Coffee! I don’t just mean drinking a few cups a day and getting the shakes if I don’t have one but I mean a real coffee geek. Any new coffee innovation or trend that happens I am their following it and testing it out.

So with this in mind I wanted to talk with you guys about coffee grinders. Many people who are less experienced with coffee will assume that the star of the show is actually the coffee machine but that is simply not the case. The grind of the coffee beans is perhaps the most important process in the making of a great cup of coffee. Knowing what grind is appropriate for the style of product you are using is essential. For instance a French press requires a really course grind where as an espresso machine requires the grind to be super fine. So more specifically I want to highlight the technology behind coffee grinders. Grinders have hidden burs inside and it is the design and quality of these burrs that either creates perfectly ground coffee or something that just doesn’t quite cut the mustard! As a result investing in a good coffee grinder that will achieve the perfect cup of Joe requires spending at least $500 but could easily exceed the $1000 mark.


Actually, the world of coffee really is a great place to express my love for technology and electronics because there are so many amazing products on the market that make the brewing of coffee a very exciting and forward thinking process.