iPod Touch

With the way that smartphones have been changing over the past few years, you wouldn’t be stupid if you though that there really isn’t any need for a separate music device now, like the iPod. Phone manufacturers now produce phones with big memories and very fast processors, enough so that they can be your music player, phone and camera all in one, without the need to carry all three around. So why do Apple keep bothering with the iPod Touch? Why? Because they sold over 100,00,000 of them! Which makes them the most popular incarnation of the iconic iPod.


A Little History


First released all the way back in 2007, the latest iPod Touch models are literally everything apart from a phone, they are up to the 6th generation that now is a very good camera, a games device, PDA and of course a music and media player. Originally the iPod Touch had it’s own branch of Apple software, which is now becoming closer and closer to the iOS9.


At one point Apple charged its iPod Touch owners to upgrade operating systems, which was strange when you consider it is free for iPhone users. Now they offer the same free upgrades that they off their phone customers, after getting a lot of criticism, and rightly so.


Like the iPhone, the only way to put third-party apps on your device is to go to the Apple Store. That is of course unless you get your device ‘jailbroken’, which then gives you the opportunity to put anything you want on to you iPod or iPhone. This does however break any warranty as it is strictly forbidden by Apple. Jailbreaking is very popular though and many users decide to do it, due to Apple’s very strict rules.


Nowadays the iPhone Touch looks very similar to that of the iPhone. It is a little thinner and does not weigh as much, but it also lacks a few of the features of an iPhone. They also generally tend to be one chipset behind the relative iPhone. For example, the 5th gen iPod Touch has A5 chips, whilst the iPhone 5C has A6.


iPod Touch 6th Generation


The question is still asked as to why Apple keep releasing the iPod Touch, and many believe that the 6th generation model (released this year) could possibly be the last one. It is now so much like an iPhone (without actually being able to call anyone) that it’s identity is quite puzzled. Is it a music and media player or is it a handheld games device? I think it is probably good for children, so it is a cheaper alternative to an iPhone or iPad.


One of the plus points over an iPod over an iPad Mini for instance, is that it is more powerful and is actually cheaper. It is not as big obviously but the latest Touch is very light and nice to hold. The screen is not huge but it would be perfect for a smaller child, or someone who is fed up of holding screens that are getting bigger and bigger.


As far as a games device goes then the 6th gen Touch has a very impressive set of stats. It has the same chipset as the very latest iPhones, making it a very lean and very powerful machine. The on board camera has also taken a big leap since the previous iPod Touch, with it now being on par with an iPhone 5, which are very good cameras. Again, with the use of children in mind, it provides the opportunity for a really good first camera, so kids can get very creative with the iPod Touch, as well as being able to play their favourite music or play some games.



Why and Where to Buy?


So I guess you have to figure out why you would want to buy an iPod Touch. If you have a smartphone from the last couple of years then you have everything this can do plus the ability to phone! If you are an Android buff who is a little curious about iOS, then that could be a reason to buy. I think the biggest reason to buy an iPod Touch in today’s incarnation would be as a gift to a kid. You have a robust and capable machine that can do everything very well apart from call.


If you are looking for an older version of the iPad Touch then I suggest going for a second-hand piece. There are lots of cheap options available out there. Sites with iPod Touch pages, like used.forsale have a good selection of most models and they can make a good gift for the holiday season. If there is a runner in the family who likes to listen to music, then it maybe for them!