My Android is Retro!

I recently did something that has caused a huge stir amongst my friends and now everyone wants to hang out at my place.  I turned my old android phone into a retro games console. “How”, I hear you ask? Simple really.  Just follow these instructions and you can do it too.


Firstly, you need an old android phone. Any model will do, as long as its MHL compatible.  Next, get yourself some ROM’s/games files. You can easily download these with a quick google search.  Now you need to download an emulator. Again, just find this via a simple google search. For example, if you want to emulate the Nintendo 64 you can download an emulator called N64oid, which is the one I used.


The next step is to pair your android phone with a Bluetooth controller, which will be named GS controller. By doing this you give yourself an input device that allows you to navigate your way around the screen.  After this you should set up your emulator and select a ROM file. At this stage you can customize all of your retro console buttons.  Now, you need to connect to your TV. This is very easy to do.  Simply the plug the MHL adapter to your devices USB port. Next, take your HDMI cable and plug one end into the TV and the other into your adapter and bingo! Your phone will automatically transfer all of its contents over to the TV and you have yourself a very cool, retro games console set-up!


Catch you next time.