Smart Cash Registers

Smart Cash Registers

Welcome back to the blog guys. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my passion for electronics with all of you and I hope it’s been intuitive. We’ve touched on smart TV’s, smart phones and smart watches so I thought it would be good to talk about something a little different but that falls under the smart category. You can’t exactly lug them around with you in your bag and not everybody has one but smart cash registers are becoming increasingly popular with Business owners small and large.

Cash Register Apps

If you don’t want to get the full POS system with cash register included, then you can now get apps that you can use on your Android or Apple devices which allow you to manage bills and receipts electronically without the need for jotting down with pen and paper. The free versions often don’t have substantial options or editing capabilities available to the user but some of the paid apps are really good.

Smartvolution’s Tablet Cash Register (TCR)

TCR is a cost effective electronic POS running on a standard tablet computer. It is ideal for small and medium retailers. Its more affordable than other solutions but gives you the same capabilities as much larger systems used by some of the big businesses. It’s designed to be uncomplicated an easy to use. It has all the functions of an old-school cash register but takes advantage also of the modern EPOS functions available. It can integrate card payments and handle discounts/promotions with ease. You have the ability to bar code scan, you can manage stock and are even able to provide detailed reporting and forecasts. It can basically do everything you need and offers more than most businesses will require. It is ideal if your starting up a new business or even if your opening up additional stores and want to view or manage all the stores from one central location. You will always have first class support on hand should anything go wrong which helps give piece of mind.

This sounds like some terrific software with a great set of add-ons like bar code reader, cash drawer, receipt printer and integrated tablet mount to give you that complete EPOS system at an affordable price.

Taysirholding Smart Cash Register

This register gives the customer a full End-to-End POS system. No matter how big the business, this register can do it all. It is intuitive and powerful and will allow you to do anything from training employees to bringing up sales reports. It’s a hosted-cloud based EPOS system different to traditional S-CR registers which gives the merchant absolute full control.  Whether your business is local or global, you can manage it from this single system. You won’t need to worry about making your own back-ups or doing your own maintenance with technical support also available whenever you need it. Transactions are securely processed through a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant platform. This also has impressive remote management capabilities such as being able to carry out in-depth reporting or processing sales. Remote support is already available for android devices with iOS support coming soon. This is one of the most complete setups available on the market so appears a worthy choice for any business of any size.





Other Options

At my old work we used to have a Sharp POS system and that worked pretty well though I can’t remember the model. They’ve got lots to choose from if you check the Sharp Website. Casio also seem to have a decent range and another popular brand is Royal.

If you can’t afford a brand new one and are a small local business just starting up, then you could try picking up a second-hand one. I’ve found a site recently that I’ve started using if I’m after anything second-hand and want to save a bit of cash. Try the link I’ve provided to the website and just search for something like old/used cash register for sale. I’m sure something will come up.

I think sometimes it’s a little scary for people going for some of these hi-tech systems but they really do allow you to do so much more. I think it really does depend on what kind of business you are as to whether it’s worth it. Some small businesses might just manage with a lock box of some kind for their money and then use one of the bought apps on their tablet. If you need something a little more comprehensive but still not as bulky, I think the TCR looks well worth a punt.