We are lately seeing the rise of the ‘smartwatch’ and today I thought I would give you an idea about what to look for in 2016, or even Christmas this year. Smartwatches are much like smartphones in the fact that they are supposedly designed to make our lives easier. They were born I think from the fitness watches and they have just evolved from there. They seem like a bit of a gimmick these days but I think in the future they will become an integral part of our lives.


I think you need to look for some important features when looking for a smartwatch. Make sure it has built in GPS or you will still need to have your phone on you. Also check it has a heart rate sensor. I still think the biggest use for these watches is for when you are running, so these two features are an absolute must.


Make sure you have storage for your favourite music as well, so you can really eliminate the need to have to run with your phone. Look for a watch that is also nice to look at, something with a bit of style.


Waterproofing is something that very few smartwatches have, so if swimming is your exercise of choice then look to the brands that can cater for your needs. Battery life is a bit of an issue at present and a lot of watches don’t go a day without the need to charge them. Pretty pointless if you ask me.


The best three to look out for at the moment are the Apple Watch Sport, probably the best watch on the market, then you have the LG G Watch R and the ASUS ZenWatch. I wouldn’t look at any other watches at the moment. I think 2016 will see the release of a much better selection.