My favourite looking Tablets coming this Year

Welcome back to my Electronics Blog. We’ve covered a few areas now with UHD screens, iPod Touches, cheap Smartphones, Smartwatches and even POS Cash Registers. I thought I’d move onto Tablets next a give a quick rundown of two or three of the best looking ones coming this year or rumoured at least.

iPad Mini 5

I’m not an Apple convert, I just prefer Android but I can’t deny the build quality that goes into the Apple products and they always have a lot to offer. Whilst this is more of a rumour, there is a chance that we’ll see a new mini before the end of 2016. If so, you expect it to be even thinner, lighter and more mobile than its predecessor. iOS 10 would be a given you’d think and so would a processor upgrade. I have many friends who are Apple mini fans and are really keen on seeing another model released.

iPad Air 3

An Apple that we should definitely be seeing before the end of the year is the Air 3. Again, expect iOS 10, more power, better battery life, even sleeker design and the 3D Touch technology that we saw in the iPhone 6S and 6Plus models. I have several family members who love their old Air so I’m sure this would go down well with Apple fans.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

Now this isn’t just a rumour, we’ve got some specs and reviews for this one. You’re getting Windows 10 on this baby, 4GB of RAM, Intel Core M processor, up to 256GB of storage, 10.5 hours of battery life and a whole lot more. You get a keyboard dock too being a Windows based tablet. Apparently some reviewers aren’t bowled over by the keyboard and mouse as its cramped but surely that’s to be expected.