UHD will blow your mind!

UHD will blow your mind!

About a month ago, I caught wind that one of my rich uncle’s had purchased a brand new 65 inch UHD TV. I’ve owned a few pretty decent 50-inch TV’s in my time but that was back when Plasma screens were the in thing and since I’ve been spending a lot of my time travelling in recent years, owning a ridiculous TV hasn’t been on the agenda. Plus, I’ve never had the same kind of money to burn as my rich uncle and tended to get stuff on credit like so many people do these days, still feeling the repercussions when it comes to paying off my monthly bills.


How Much?

Obviously once I heard about this TV, I had to go and take a look so I made up some excuse to go and visit and headed round to his rather awesome house to test out the new TV. Oh my God! I have never seen anything quite like it. He’s got a whole room that he calls his Cinema, with a crazy sound system and super comfortable chairs to relax in so you can sit back and watch movies in true cinema style. The TV cost him around $12,000 dollars, who knows how he can afford that much on a TV but I’m glad he did, even if I’m supremely jealous.

Mind Blowing

It uses OLED technology, Panasonic’s latest video processing and has even had input from Hollywood. It apparently sets a high benchmark for UHD TV’s in its category which doesn’t surprise me one bit. If you get the chance to check out the Panasonic TX-65CZ952 like I did, then you should go for it. It was the most mind blowing piece of tech I’ve ever seen.